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At ONISM SHIPPING SERVICES, we expand our commitment to excellence beyond the maritime industry with reliable Truck Services. Our efficient logistics solutions ensure seamless transportation of your cargo by road, guaranteeing timely and secure deliveries. Experience hassle-free trucking solutions tailored to your requirements with ONISM SHIPPING SERVICES. Your cargo’s journey is our priority, ensuring smooth and reliable trucking services for your business needs.


We Offer:-

  • Flexible routing & GPS enabled fleet
  • FTL/PTL Management
  • ODC cargo movement
  • With 750+ Fleet size covering more than 1.5 lakh km per day
  • Milk run transportation
  • Weather proof containerized vehicle

Catering to the needs of our clients, we offer high volume of freight transportation by the roads. transportation of goods products and personnel from one place to the other on roads.

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