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The world of maritime excellence sets sail with Onism Shippings Services . The ship manning services we provide are unmatched in the shipping industry. Providing top-tier crew solutions for Main-Fleet, Offshore, Rig, and specialised Repair Teams is the foundation of our success.
Main-fleet Manning:
We specialise in finding and placing highly skilled crew members for main-fleet vessels. To ensure seamless operations and a seamless voyage experience, we emphasize professionalism and compliance.
Offshore and Rig Manning:
Precision is non-negotiable when it comes to offshore and rig operations. Our rigorous selection process ensures that each crew member is equipped to handle the unique challenges of offshore environments, enabling your projects to thrive under even the most demanding conditions.
Our Comprehensive Crew Consultancy Solutions
At Onism shipping services, we believe successful flag documentation goes beyond paperwork. It’s about making sure your vessels sail smoothly and in compliance with international standards. Our tailored services encompass every facet of flag documentation:

  • Flag Selection Guidance:
    Using our extensive knowledge of various flag jurisdictions, we assist you in making an informed decision regarding the most suitable flag for your vessel. Providing tailored recommendations is based on your operational needs, trade routes, and business goals.
  • Efficient Registration Process:
    We handle all aspects of flag registration on your behalf. Assuring prompt and accurate registration starts with preparing and
    submitting the required documents.
  • Crew Rotation and Scheduling:
    While adhering to international regulations, we optimize crew rotation and scheduling to ensure operational continuity and crew wellbeing.
  • Sustained Compliance Management:
    The maritime regulatory landscape is ever-evolving. We keep your vessel’s documentation up-to-date and aligned with the latest international standards, providing you with ongoing peace of mind
  • Flag Transition Support:
    If you’re considering changing your vessel’s flag, we facilitate a seamless transition, minimising disruptions and ensuring a smooth transfer of documentation.
  • Embark on a Voyage of Compliance and Success:
    We offer unparalleled flag documentation services that will elevate your maritime operations. Navigate international waters with confidence, knowing your vessels are equipped with the right flags and documents. Take the first step toward maritime excellence and compliance assurance by contacting us today.
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